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Wimbledon Tennis Championships 2014

The Wimbledon Tennis Championships are due to start shortly and special arrangements are in place for taxi and private hire vehicles (PHVs) for the duration of the tournament which runs from Monday 23 June to Sunday 6 July 2014.
Taxi and private hire services play an important role in helping spectators get to and from the Championships. It is important that all taxi drivers plus all private hire operators and drivers who are planning to serve the Wimbledon Tennis Championships this year read this notice, are aware of the designated areas where taxis and PHVs may stop to drop-off and pick-up passengers and also do not stop or park in areas where this is not permitted, as there will be local police, borough enforcement officers and Transport for London (TfL) compliance officers working during the Championships.
This notice sets out the arrangements for drop-off and pick-up locations, fixed- fare, shared-taxis and taxi ranks.
Taxi arrangements
Taxi drop-off arrangements
Taxi passengers requesting a drop-off at the Championships should be taken to the taxi rank in Church Road which is outside Gate 4 of the venue.
This is the only drop-off location for all taxi passengers going to the tennis and stopping elsewhere on Church Road is not permitted.
Taxi rank arrangements
Southfields Station
− A taxi rank in Augustus Road, near Southfields Station, will operate during the championships and fixed-fare, shared-taxi trips to the Championships will operate from this rank
− The taxi rank in Wimbledon Park Road, near Southfields Station (rank no. 5619) will not be operational for the duration of the Championships
Wimbledon Station
− Fixed-fare, shared-taxi trips from Wimbledon Station to the Championships will be operating for the duration of the championships
Church Road, Wimbledon Tennis Club
− For the duration of the Championships, a temporary taxi rank will operate in Church Road (outside Gate 4) where fixed-fare, shared-taxi trips will operate for passengers going to Southfields or Wimbledon stations
− The taxi rank will also operate normally for passengers wishing to travel to central London and other destinations
Somerset Road, Wimbledon Tennis Club
− During the Championships a temporary taxi rank will operate in Somerset Road (outside Gate 13) offering fixed-fare, shared-taxi trips to Wimbledon Station
− The rank will also operate normally for passengers wishing to travel to central London and other destinations
Fixed-fare, shared-taxi fares
The fare for fixed-fare, shared-taxi trips between Wimbledon or Southfields stations and the Championships is:
− £2.50 for adults
− £1.25 for children between 2 and 10 years old
− Children under 2 travel free
It is illegal to charge more than these fares.
Journeys to other locations
− Fixed-fare, shared-taxis are also available from outside Gate 4 to a number of different locations. These fixed-fares have been reviewed and increased this year and were agreed by the TfL Board in February 2014.
The table in Appendix 1 provides further details of the prescribed fares for each location.
− Any fares negotiated in advance must not be more than the fare shown on the meter at the end of the journey. As is usual, taxi drivers must start their meter at the commencement of the journey and any fare agreed in advance must not exceed the metered fare at the end of the journey.
− If a passenger or a group wants a normal (unshared) taxi service, a marshal must ask drivers in the taxi queue if they are willing to take the passengers
− However, if a driver cannot be found after a reasonable time normal rules on refusals will apply and the first free taxi on the rank should accept the hiring
− Refusing these fares or loitering to wait for a shared hiring is not allowed and the driver could be subject to action by TfL
− All taxis on the rank must be available for hire and no taxi must be left unattended on any taxi rank
All taxi drivers who hold an All London taxi driver’s licence or hold a Merton and Sutton Suburban taxi driver’s licence can use the taxi ranks at Wimbledon Station, Southfields Station, Church Road and Somerset Road.
Pre-booked taxis
− Space for pre-booked radio taxis to wait for their passenger has been allocated in Marryat Road
Private hire arrangements
Space for PHvs to drop-off passengers or pick-up passengers who have pre- booked is at:
− Wimbledon Park Road: on the east side of the road, parking bay 4092 opposite 418 Wimbledon Park Road (just north of the junction with Bathgate Road and Victoria Drive)
− Marryat Road: on the west side of the road from 10 metres north of Burghley Road to a point opposite 66 Marryat Road
However, parking and waiting at these locations is not permitted and PHVs waiting for passengers must use the car parks and make arrangements to be called by the passenger to drive to the pick up location once their passenger is ready for collection.
Stopping on Church Road and Somerset Road is not permitted for PHVs and stopping and waiting around the ground is also prohibited and we have been advised that these parking controls will be strictly enforced. PHVs must not stop on the designated taxi ranks.
Appendix 1
Fixed fare, Shared Fare:
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