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It really gets me down the amount of negativity that we have within our trade, whenever you read a trade newspaper or online blog it seems that every article is full of negativity, we never seem to be able to see the positive side of things! Yes there are times when a certain issue or situation is reported and it cannot be presented in any other way than having a negative slant, but we need to start looking at issues and trying to find something positive within them.

The morale of our trade is probably at the lowest I have ever known since entering it some 20 odd years ago and all this negativity does not help to build the morale of the drivers who make up our trade. We need to start to try and build morale within our trade so that we can build a solid future for its members.

Lets just look at one issue that has recently been reported on various media, lets look at the issue of PH drivers no longer being required to take an additional DSA driving test to obtain their PH license, most have reported this with a negative slant to the article and to some extent moaning about the fact the PH Association have managed to get the DSA test for PH drivers scrapped and crying that this is one rule for them and another for us! Well they are correct in what they are saying but the negative slant does nothing for morale and also if the general public read these articles they just get the impression that we are a load of moaning old taxi drivers.

So lets look at the same issue from another angle and try to put a more positive slant on it, the way that our trade should have reported it is as follows:

DSA Driving Test Scrapped for Private Hire Drivers

LTPH have decided to remove the requirement for Private Hire drivers to take an additional DSA driving test, Private Hire operators argued that the additional driving test was adding an unnecessary cost to those who wish to become PH drivers, this is obviously good news for the Licensed London Taxi trade in London as before gaining their license prospective taxi drivers still have to undertake an additional DSA driving test which incorporates an element of dealing with disabled passengers and those in wheelchairs. This difference in requirements between PH drivers and London Taxi Drivers reinforces the London Taxi Trade as having the best and most highly qualified and regulated drivers in the world which obviously helps with passenger safety.

The PH trade argued for the scrapping of the additional DSA test purely on a cost basis without considering the safety aspect surrounding the scrapping of these tests whereas the Licensed London Taxi Trade are happy to absorb the cost of these tests to ensure that drivers who enter our trade are of the highest standard and are tested on dealing with loading and unloading disabled passengers, it also means that when you get a Licensed London Taxi you can be sure that the drivers has a high competence of driving and hasn’t just entered the trade with a license that he got in his own Country by visiting his local post office.

In conclusion this is good news for our trade as our standards are being kept at a higher level than those of the PH trade and reinforces our reputation of being the best in the World.

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