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I received an email this morning explaining that TweetaLondonCab had dissolved their partnership with TaxiStop which I must say come as a bit of a surprise. I know that all of the people involved in TLC have put a lot of hard work and thought into the App that was supposed to have culminated from this partnership and that they have also been busy testing the App in its Beta testing stage before realising it to working Taxi Drivers and the general public, it must be so disappointing to them to have to end this partnership after all the effort, time and hard work and I know that there must have been some very strong reasons as to why they decided to take this drastic action.

I hope that the guys at TLC continue to promote the trade and not let this minor setback dampen their enthusiasm and that they will move on to bigger and better things in the future, hopefully new partnerships can be formed that will be more productive and fruitful for their hard work.

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