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@tweetalondoncab and addapps ltd are please to announce the launch of a joint taxi booking app for use in London and eventually nationally.

Tweetalondoncab (TLC) and addapps have a unique synergy which we TLC, will earn a significant % of profits, to be reinvested in new technology and build a service that connects drivers to customers in a cost effective way using a "not for profit" ethos, leaving TLC unshackled by the need to pay back investors seeking a return or the payment of share holder dividends.

Our service will grow virally and use our driver ambassadors to sell us to the taxi riding public, those same drivers are our only stakeholders who will benefit as our profit split deal with addapps bears fruit.

The directors of TLC want it made public and clear that at the appropriate time TLC will be placed into trust to prevent it ever being sold off for any persons personal gain. All TLC drivers are considered stakeholders in our service and it is hoped they will participate in every aspect of developing the service.

enthusiastic about the prospects offered by many drivers working together as a business unit, we have many and varied skills amongst taxi drivers and we invite interested drivers with any appropriate skills to step forward and join us.

TLCtaxiapp is available now in the app store and android market, all licensed London taxi drivers are invited to download the app and use it free of charge. The service is young and a trickle of work is beginning to grow. We hope drivers will be inspired by our "not for profit" mind set and help us grow and redress the apparent imbalance between ourselves and lesser private hire operations who steal customers who would prefer to use a licensed London taxi cab.

TLC thanks the 100 drivers who had the vision to contribute the small membership fee which has financed our deal with addapps, without their small contributions TLC would not have been able to take such a huge step forward and we ask you all to consider what might be possible if we converted that 100 visionary drivers into 1,000 or even 10,000.

(TLC is non political and applauds all who give up time to better the working cabbies lot)

TLC is

Kind Regards
Lee Patterson

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