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Yes we all know that the London Taxi Trade was shafted and left out of the olympics, and yes we were not allowed in the Olympic Games Lanes, and yes there was a decrease in the amount of work and drivers earnings were down, and yes many of us feel that we were excluded from the games as were many other businesses.

But lets be honest, the rest of the World is looking on and commenting on how good the 2012 Olympics were and many are saying they were the best olympics ever!

Team GB did a fantastic job and did us proud, coming 3rd in the medals table for such a small Nation is no small feat, in a medal per thousand population we came top.

The athletes loved the games and the venues and did really well, the crowds who attended the games loved every minute of their experience and 70,000 people volunteered as “Games Makers” thats nearly 3 times the number of London Taxi Drivers!

There is no doubt that the games were spectacular and will go down in World history as being one of the greatest Olympic Games ever and in British History as being one of Great Britian’s best ever achievements.

The games are now over and finished with a spectacular closing ceremony, I know it wasn’t to everyones taste but I thought it was better than most other closing ceremonies that I have seen.

We as a trade now need to put the games behind us and move on, we should not linger on what was forced upon our trade during the games but look to the future.

Looking at some of the tweets on Twitter we are in danger of being labelled miserable, moaning London Taxi Drivers because we seem to be the only ones who are moaning about the games, we need to cheer up, look forward and get back to work.

Heres looking forward to a brighter future for our trade.

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