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Well last night was one of the worst I have ever worked for traffic which caused customers to pay Taxi Fares that were more than they normally would have been. I found myself apologising when dropping passengers off for the traffic chaos and explained to them that it was caused by mismanagement of TfL, luckily all of my customers were understanding and stated that it wasn’t my fault.

Here is a small list of the roads that were affected last night:

Arundel Street Shut

Sherwood Street Shut

Poland Street Shut at the top end

Holborn Temp Lights

South Carriage Drive Shut

Torrington Place Shut

Cranbourne Street Traffic Lights not working properly

Farringdon Road Temp Lights

Paddington Station Temp Lights

Pancras Road lane out because machinery left in road!

Blackfriars Underpass Closed

Newgate Street Closed

Tower Bridge Closed

Tooley Street Closed

A102/Blackwall Tunnel 2 Lanes closed causing gridlock around the O2

Strand/Trafalgar Square 1 Lane Closed

Having roadworks on Trafalgar Square probably caused the most disruption to traffic and guess what? Yes you’ve guessed it, there was no one working there at all, its crazy that in a busy City such as London someone can come along and dig up a major thoroughfare and not complete the works on a busy weekend.

Maybe we as a trade should print out some receipts that state what the Taxi fare is and what it would have been if there had been no holdups caused by TfL, it could also have an address to send the complaint to and a covering letter! maybe that would make TfL get off their arses and actually coordinate these roadworks and insist that works are completed within a given time frame.

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