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In this episode I talk about promoting the London Taxi Trade to a wider audience.

I highlight some of the negatives about our trade and also the positives and explore a few ways in which we can tackle the negatives within our trade.

I break our customers down into 3 categories Customers Tourists Corporates And explore some of the ways in which we could promote the trade to these different categories of passengers.

We have a meeting organised for Wednesday 27th August 2014 for drivers to come along and discuss ideas and suggestions as to how we can promote the London Taxi Trade to a wider and broader customer base, and how we can make those who have a low opinion of taxi drivers see us in a new light.

We need to learn to re-educate those who have been misled into believing that London taxis are expensive, we need to make it “cool” to use a London taxi, we need to make it “hip & trendy” to use a London Taxi.

We need to become the first choice for passengers who want to travel around London.

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