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SuperCabby Podcast Episode 10

This podcast started by chance when I decided to do an interview with Peter and Derek from CabApp and decided to put it out as a podcast,  mmwhich become episode 1.

Shortly after we had the demo on the 11th June in Trafalgar Square where Courtney Connell, while being interviewed by LBC, had a bit of a Churchill moment which inspired me to do the 2nd podcast episode.

I only really intended for this podcast to be an occasional thing, but I have enjoyed making the SuperCabby Podcasts, interviewing people from within the trade and seeing the number of downloads and listeners to the podcast, the number of people it has reached is enough encouragement for me to carry on producing it.

So what have we got lined up for the future of SuperCabby Podcast?

I will be interviewing Steve MacNamara for the LTDA very soon for an episode of the podcast.

We have the Disney Trip this week 12th-14th September and I will be producing an episode of the SuperCabby podcast about the trip.

Other interviews that I have lined up include:

Aiden Kent

Paul White (RMT)

Mark White (@TootlesTheTaxi)

Graham Woodhouse & Dave Cannell (Cab Guide Course)

I also have a long list of people who I need to contact to see if they would consent to be interviewed for the SuperCabby Podcast.

Other issues related to the Taxi Trade

If there are any issues that you would like to see me cover in this podcast please let me know, just send me an email

Also if there is anyone who you would like to hear me interview on the podcast please also send me an email.

Flash Demo

Friday night saw another Flash Demo take place around Charing Cross Police Station to highlight the problem of Rickshaws in the West End.

The Police seem to turn a blind eye to these Rickshaws and their riders even though they park their contraptions illegally, ride along pavements endangering pedestrians, totally ignore traffic signals, and ply their illegal trade with impunity.

There have been reports of rickshaw riders charging Arabs £400 for a ride from Harrods and another of a Rickshaw charging £200 for a 1 mile journey.

We now also have the added problem of motorised rickshaws playing their trade across London, now a motorised rickshaw, no matter what type of motor is powering it, is classed as a motor vehicle and therefore should come under the same rules and regulations as a motorised taxi, it should be licensed, wheelchair accessible, and the driver should have passed the knowledge for them to be able to ply for hire in the capital.

The Metropolitan Police always state the lack of resources when taken to task over the Rickshaws, but amazingly they managed to find the resources during the flash demo to go out and seize some motorised rickshaws.

Lets hope that the Met’s new found passion for impounding rickshaws is to be a continual operation and that they were not just putting on a show to appease the demonstrating taxi drivers.

Conversations in Taxis

Udo @Odouseless has sent in a recoding of a conversation that he had with a female passenger in his cab, she tells of her experiences in trying to get taxis in London to take her home.

If anyone else would like to speak to passengers in their taxi and record the conversation you can do it with just your smartphone and any app that saves the recoding as an MP3, please also get the persons permission to use the recording, they only have to say their name and that they give their permission and that is good enough.

These conversations can then be used in the SuperCabby podcast so that drivers can get an insight into the way in which the travelling public view London’s Taxi Trade.

Magical Taxi Tour to Disneyland Paris

This weekend is the 21st annual Magical Taxi Tour to Disneyland Paris, the event is organised by the Worshipful Company of Hackney Carriage Drivers.

The convoy of Taxis will leave Canary Wharf at 8:00am and head down the A2 to Dover to catch a P&O Ferry to Calais

We should arrive in Disneyland Paris around 6:30pm local time, then the Saturday is spent in the park and then off to the New York Hotel for the Children Gala Party.

Sunday see our return trip back to England; there will be 100 taxis and 20 support vehicles from the Police, London Ambulance Service and the AA.

Fake Identifiers

A friend of mine was driving through Shoreditch on Saturday night when he noticed a taxi with Green identifiers displayed in the Window that had his badge number printed on them, basically they were a clone of his own Identifiers.

he managed to lean through the passenger window and rip the front one out of the cab, and then he followed the taxi to where it stopped to drop of its passengers.

A Police van was parked about 20 Feet away, but when they were approached and the situation explained they stated that there as nothing that they could do.

Displaying forged identifiers is basically fraud as the driver is conning people into thinking that he is something that he is not, he is duping passengers into believing that he is a green badge Taxi driver.

Its a disgrace the the Metropolitan Police refused to do nothing about this incident.

It is not known whether this particular driver is licensed at all, the Taxi Reg was LE03 MMF and was a Silver TX2, the driver is described as being “mixed race”

Rental Taxis

A driver, who has had a couple of bad experiences with renting a taxi, contacted me this week; he asked why garages are allowed to get away with renting out “shitcarts”?

I tackle this issue and explain why I think some garages do not maintain their vehicles to the best standards.

Get Taxi Advertising

Get Taxi had adverts running this week that were a bit worrying to the London Taxi Drivers who are using their system.

Get Taxi staff brushed them off stating that they were a mistake, personally I am a bit concerned about this and I explain why.

Gat Taxi Google Ad

Get Taxi Google Ad

Do drivers want control of their trade and its future?

I sometimes wonder what drivers within our trade actually want? Personally I want to be in control of my future and that of the trade that I work within.

It amazed me this week when drivers started defending Get taxi over their advertising scandal and criticising me for questioning them over the issue?

TaxiCab App

A quick update on TaxiCab App, this week see the app being tested by a wider group of taxi drivers, there are still some bugs that need to be ironed out but Alex is working his way through these as quick as he can.

When we are satisfied that the testing of the app is successful, we will then go to Beta testing stage where we get even more drivers using the app to load test the code and servers and make sure that everything holds up under pressure.

Once the beta testing is complete we will then be ready to launch the app.

@TFLTPH Tweets to London Taxi Drivers

Minicab on Taxi Rank

Minicab parked on a Taxi Rank in London

Those of you who are not blocked by @TFLTPH will undoubtedly still be seeing tweets aimed at London Taxi Drivers about over ranking on many of London’s taxi Ranks.

Most tweets emanating from this account seems to be aimed soley at London Taxi Drivers and yet there are very few directed towards the Private Hire trade or it’s drivers.

We rarely see a tweet telling PH drivers not to park on Taxi Ranks, it seems that an unproportionate number of tweets are aimed at Taxi drivers.

Many London Taxi drivers have now unfollowed or blocked the TFLTPH account and others like myself have been blocked, even though I have never received a message from them asking me to stop doing something or explaining why I have been blocked.

I can fully understand if drivers are being abusive in mentions towards this account but merely pointing out their inadequacies should not qualify anyone to be blocked by them.

TFL are a public service and should start to act like one.

Taxi News

You may have noticed that I have stopped posting news articles on this blog, I have decided to restrict this website to my blog, my own writings and articles and the SuperCabby podcast.

We do own another domain that is more suited to posting news item, so any future news items will be posted on there.

Save Our Trade & Promote It Meeting

Keep Calm Poster

Keep Calm & Hail a London Taxi

Just a quick reminder about the meeting we have organised for Wednesday 1st October 2014 at 8pm at the Oak Taxi Cafe.

The meeting is called Save Our Trade and is for discussing possible ways that we can promote our trade and portray it in a more favourable manner to London’s travelling public.

There is a proposal to hold 2 meetings on that day, one at 4pm and another at 8pm to enable both day and night drivers to attend, please let  me know if you would like a 4pm meeting in addition to the 8pm one already scheduled.

Motivational Quotes

When Courtney had his Churchill moment in Trafalgar Square we decided that he would do a monthly quote to motivate and inspire London taxi Drivers.

Recently we have not managed to hook up to record these quotes but I do still intend to bring you quotes from Courtney on a monthly basis, its just the August one that we have missed.

Due to the fact that the SuperCabby Podcast has evolved into a weekly show I would like to share with you a few quotes that I have found that I think are quite relevant to the London Taxi Trade.

Each week there will be a quote in the SuperCabby Podcast from either Courtney, myself or someone else from within the trade.

If you would like to submit or read a quote for inclusion, please get in touch.

This weeks quote is

The starting point of all achievement is desire – Napoleon Hill

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