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Yesterday I discovered Podcasting, yeah I know, many of you have been downloading podcasts for years but I never really got involved in podcasts until recently.

I had started listening to a lot of online radio stations such as Collins & Mason’s fantastic show on Back 2 Back FM but the show is aired at a time which is quite inconvenient to me due to the wedding bookings that we do and I end up only catching parts of the show rather than listening to the whole 2 hours.

After finally meeting Collin’s I thought I should make more of an effort to listen to the whole show so I decided to download the show from Podomatic where you can find an archive of the recent shows, I then synced the shows to my iPod, *you can sync them to whatever device you may have) and I then listened to the last 2 weeks shows while out working the cab last night, the obvious advantage is that I can now listen to the shows I want to hear when I want to hear them and I am able to pause the show when a passenger gets in the cab who wants to talk to me.

If you haven’t got into podcasts yet I would suggest you take a look, listen to the type of music and shows you want when you want rather than listening to the bland content that is churned out by commercial radio stations these days.

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