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There is nothing I find more annoying than seeing a Taxi stop on a crossing to pick up passengers and it seems to be happening all to often. The other night while working I was hailed by a young couple who were standing on a crossing, I indicated to them to walk forward so that I could stop where i would not be contravening the crossing, you young couple just looked at me as though I was from the planet Zong or something and then continued to try and hail a Taxi, to my surprise one of our colleagues pulled up right in the middle of the crossing and allowed the young couple to board the taxi!

This situation highlights a couple of points, the first being that as Taxi drivers we are supposed to be professional drivers and abide by the highway code and obviously these drivers who stop on crossings are not only breaking the law but also showing a total lack of respect for the fellow cabbies. The other point is that most people these days drive and own a car so one can assume that at least one of the couple held a driving license so they also should know better than to stand on a crossing trying to hail a cab, I am sure that they would be the first people to scream if they were trying to cross the road and a taxi stopped to pick someone else up.

So come on people, if you are trying to hail a Taxi please make sure that you are standing somewhere sensible where it is safe for the Taxi to stop and Taxi drivers show some respect for the law and your fellow cabbies and never stop on a crossing, the more drivers that continue to stop on crossings the harder it will be to educate customers that crossings  are not the place to try and hail a Taxi.

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