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Knowledge Boy’s Moped Broke Down so he hired a Boris Bike and rode the Demo

This knowledge Boy wanted to show his support for Today.s Demo but his Moped apparently broke down.

So rather than just give up and go home, he hired a Boris bike and rode up and down the demo waving a “Totally Failing London” Poster as he went.

Sir, we Salute You

We need more of this kind of spirit in our trade, this knowledge boys determination to attend todays demo should be an inspiration to all.

John Preddy Cab4Now Interview – SuperCabby Interviews 31

In this Episode SuperCabby Interviews a Private Hire Driver, John Preddy.

This interview was recorded back in November 2014 and a lot of people contacted me with their concerns about this interview as John has come under a certain amount of scrutiny for things that he has done during his life.

I was also dubious about putting this interview out but for different reasons, and that is the sound quality is not that great.

But over the last few weeks many drivers have contacted me asking for some more controversial interviews and a lot of suggestions were that I should interview some private hire drivers, so I decided to dig out the audio files and clean them up a bit and put this interview out.

John is quite a controversial character who uses the Twitter username of Cab4Now.

John also runs a Blog at where he airs his views and opinions on London’s Private Hire trade and also comments on the London Taxi Trade.

John explains in the interview that he has spent 3 periods of his life working as a private hire driver and most of that time has been spent working for Addison Lee until recently when he left to join Uber.

It is worth listening to John’s observations as to the type of work that he is doing on Uber.

Since this was recorded I am not sure if John is still working on the Uber platform as recently he was extolling the virtues of a new app aimed at the private hire trade.

I have also seen John advertising some of the cars that he rented to other drivers for sale, so maybe not all is rosy in Uberland anymore.

Fascinating Video – Oldest Footage of London

This is the oldest footage of London ever. Includes amazing old footage, plus modern shots of the same location today. Also features maps carefully researched to show where the camera was. Arranged by location, 46 shots of classic footage with a twist and an inspiring soundtrack.

The video features:

  • 46 vintage shots of recognizable places in London from 1890-1920
  • Added dates and maps to show where the camera was
  • Amazing side-by-side comparison with modern footage of exactly the same spot
  • The clip that is the oldest surviving footage of London from 1890.

Russell Square Cab Shelter

Today after finishing a treasure hunt in the taxi I pulled up on the rank at the Russell Square Cab Shelter with MacTheCab.

We noticed the the Shelter was open so decided to grab a coffee, while we were standing there the smell of the food being cooked inside was gorgeous.

We got chatting to the shelter proprietor, Danny and we commented on how good whatever it was he was cooking smelt. Danny said he was cooking a curry and invited us in to try a little bit.

Well I have got to say the curry tasked fantastic, Danny said that he likes to prepare all of the food that he cooks fresh at the shelter. The curry was so good that we both decided to stay and eat at the shelter.

Danny told us that his sister Kate runs the shelter during the daytime from 7:30am till 2:30pm and that Pat used to run the shelter of a evening cooking her Thai food, but Pat recently gave up the night shelter and it was offered to Danny.

Danny currently opens the shelter Wednesday, Thursday and Friday nights from 5:00pm till 10pm and Saturday’s and Sundays from 12:00 midday till 10:00pm.

On Saturdays Danny cooks traditional English food like Shepherd’s Pie, and Sunday’s he cooks traditional Sunday Roast’s

While we were at the Shelter a few opt the regulars came in to eat and all of them commented on how good the food was and that Danny is a great cook.

Danny is the son of a Taxi Driver, he said that at the moment business is a little slow at the moment, he thinks that drivers are still not aware that he is open of a night, he said that obviously his regulars like it that way as they are always guaranteed that they can get seated and served quickly.

Danny is a very talkative guy who loves to have a laugh and joke, you will be made welcome whether you stop for a take away tea or coffee or if you stop to eat.

Danny also has a Twitter account for the shelter which you can find @RussellSqCabHut

Danny serves a cooked dinner, desert and as much yes or coffee as you want for £7.00 which is remarkable value for money.

If you are looking for somewhere to stop and eat I can thoroughly recommend the Russell Square Cab Shelter, I can assure you that you will not be disappointed.

Take away teas, coffee’s, sandwiches and dinners are also available from the shelter.

Mayors Question Time – SuperCabby Podcast Episode 29

This episode is Mayors Question Time at City Hall on Wednesday 25th march 2015 where Boris Johnson answered questions from the GLA Transport Committee regarding their Report “Future Proof” into TFL’s administration of the Taxi & Private Hire Trades in London.

I was unable to attend City Hall on the 25th due to prior commitments so MacTheCab took the audio recorder along and this is his first attempt at recording a podcast.

Arresting Uber Interview – SuperCabby Podcast Episode 28

In this episode I interview Russell Howarth from Arresting Uber.

Russell is the guy, who in Australia has made citizens arrests on Uber X drivers for operating illegally without the correct licenses or insurance.

Russell states that he has managed, through his actions, to lose Uber over 60% of their business in Australia and he is being commended by both Taxi and Limo drivers across Australia.

Russell has travelled to the UK at his own expense and is here for nearly a month to talk to Taxi Trade Organisations and he also has a meeting scheduled towards the end of the month with Leon Daniels at TFL.

Russell has a lot of ideas as to the way in which the London Taxi trade can combat the phenomenal growth of Uber in London and to thwart their attempts at cornering the market in London and the UK as a whole.

Russell also said that any driver that is any doubts as to the effect that Uber could have on the London Taxi & Private Hire trades in London should speak to any driver in America where Uber operates, he said that Taxi drivers have found that they are now taking 75% less than they were before, so if you think you can sustain running a a London Taxi on a mere 25% or what you currently earn, pay the mortgage and put food on the table then please carry on burying your heads in the sand!


Russell Howarth Arresting an Uber X driver in Australia

Russell has some good angles on how to combat Uber, he recognises that Uber are licensed in London and that the drivers are also licensed by TFL but he also says that there are a number of points on which Uber are breaking the law.

You can follow Russell on Twitter @arrestinguber or take a look at the Arresting Uber website

London Taxi Radio are going to be hosting a phone in Radio Show with Russell on on day 23rd march where drivers can call in LIVE on Air and speak to Russell and ask him questions, we are hoping to do the show from the Oak so that any driver who would like to meet Russell can come along and say hello.

London Taxi Radio have also invited all of the Taxi Trade Organisations to also come along and take part in the Radio Phone In, the UCG have confirmed that they will be attending and they are awaiting a reply from the others.

You can easily tune into London Taxi Radio by downloading the TuneIn Radio App on your smartphone and search for London Taxi Radio, more information on the London Taxi Radio Website

Or follow this link to find London Taxi Radio on the Tune In radio App

Bounce Interview – SuperCabby Podcast Episode 27

In this episode I interview Nicko Williamson the CEO of the former minicab app Bounce.

I was approached by the Bounce PR guy and asked whether I would like to interview Nicko as they are obviously trying to gain exposure to the London Taxi trade to encourage taxi drivers to sign up for the app.

Until recently, Bounce were only allowed by law to call their app, a minicab app, but since they have started accepting London Taxi Drivers onto the app, at least 10 London Taxi drivers have signed up. This has enabled Bounce to noes call themselves a taxi app.

Some may say that I should not have down this interview as it is advertising Bounce, but I wanted London Taxi drivers to realise the way in which the market is changing. The way people are summoning personal point to point transport in new ways, The struggles that our trade faces and how we need to be looking to adapt our business model to enable these customers to use our services.

Please do not think I am endorsing Bounce in any way, I am not saying whether this could be a good thing for our trade or a bad thing, personally I don’t think I will be signing up for the app, you can make up your own minds as to what you think about Bounce.

below is some information that the Bounce PR guy sent over to me, please have a read and let me know what you think either via Twitter or leave a comment below.




Driver-App-ExplanationBounce is aiming to end the animosity between black cabbies and minicab drivers by creating a level-playing field where the driver sets the price


In a revolutionary new update announced today [2nd March 2015], Bounce has become the only app in the UK to give drivers the freedom to easily adjust their own prices. Depending on levels of demand, type of car, or any other contributing factor, drivers can now control their own multiple that in turn defines the price of the journey. For example, a multiple of 1.2X would be 1.2 times the base price (a 20% fare increase). This is designed to help drivers make more money, and get more jobs.


The new pricing model makes drivers more efficient; allowing them to undercut the market on price when needed (e.g. during quiet times of day), or charge more for larger or premium vehicles. Bounce facilitates a fully transparent market, where the cheapest fares, best cars and friendliest drivers are directly selected rather than simply being automatically allocated. Passengers will also be able to select drivers they have used before, enabling drivers to develop ‘small-town’ relationships in local London communities rather than the anonymity present in the current market.

Bounce has also become the first app to give black cab drivers the ability to set their own prices and charge fixed fares, finally giving them a chance to compete directly with their arch minicab rivals. This is thanks to a loophole that allows cabbies to charge less than the amount on the meter, and will give black cab drivers total flexibility on price that had previously not been possible.

The decision to open up Bounce to black cab drivers was a direct response to the impact of Uber on cabbies. Black cabs do appear on Uber’s app, but like all other black cab apps, it does not allow for drivers to vary their prices, meaning they can’t compete with rival minicab services on cost.


“It’s all about choice,” said Nicko Williamson, CEO of Bounce. “We love black cabs, and think they’re an iconic part of London’s history and identity. However, at the moment many people think of them as the expensive option, even though in a lot of cases they work out at the same price or even cheaper than a minicab. Bounce is here to give Londoners the ability to make an informed and transparent decision, and put every driver on an equal footing.”


Strategically, this new update will allow Bounce to compete in an aggressively competitive market by giving drivers the power, which should in turn attract more of London’s fleet of licensed cabs. Drivers will be able to see how other


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