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Source: Taxi Leaks

Jim Thomas has posted a very good article on Taxi Leaks, and he makes some really good points, it appears that TFL have taken issue with drivers having posters in their Taxis regarding Hailo and TfL, or is it that Hailo have complained to TfL regarding the Failo stickers?

Unauthorised Signage On Taxis.

It has recently come to our attention that some taxi drivers are choosing to  display stickers or printed papers in their vehicles which include use of the Transport for London (TfL) roundel (which is an unauthorised use of a registered trademark) and which may state the driver’s negative opinions about taxi and PHV apps.

The London Cab Order 1934 paragraph14 (l), states the licensee shall not, otherwise than in accordance with the directions of TfL, cause or permit any object, or any printed, written or other matter to be displayed on the outside or inside of the cab, or be presented to any passenger by way of advertisement.

Drivers and owners of taxis are able to place advertising and other material on their taxis as long as it meets the TfL taxi and private hire guidelines for advertising.

Anyone wanting to display or provide any printed or written material (including advertising or other signage) on the inside or outside of their vehicle or to passengers, which does not meet the advertising guidelines, is required to seek prior approval from TfL before doing so.

Additional information and guidance for drivers and owners regarding stickers and official signs in licensed London taxis is attached to this Notice.

In light of the above, TfL requires that all drivers/owners remove all unauthorised objects, printed, written or other matter from their taxis with immediate effect. The licence of any taxi found to display any such material that has not been authorised by TfL may be liable to suspension or revocation.

Garrett Emmerson
Chief Operating Officer, Surface Transport
Transport for London
4 July 2014


The above notice is a blatant attempt to intimidate Taxi drivers. TfL have made no attempt to stop PHVs advertising unauthorised signage on their vehicles and so far have not made threats of this nature towards them.

Let’s hope that TfL notice 07/14 will be the one that reminds PH that advertising themselves in hospital waiting areas as Taxis is illegal. Or using signage in their operating centre with the word Taxi attached is a contravention of the PHV act 1998.

And how about the wealth of misleading advertising on the Internet Garret? Just type into Your search engine “London Taxi” and see what results you get;

These are paid for placements…do you threaten these companies with the revocation of their licenses Garret, or is it just Taxis you threaten?
Also Garret I would like to draw your attention to the attached booklet which comes with this notice
Guidelines for Advertising on licensed London Taxis and
Signs on licensed London Private Hire Vehicles 
11.4  No signs are permitted on the sides of PHVs.
Is this legally enforceable?
As I seem to be seeing many PHVs running around with door adverts of late.
Is this just another case of one rule for us and just guidelines for them?
In the past, before the wording text was changed, when we complained that PH were using back screen adverts bigger than the prescribed area allowed, we were told that this TfL policy was not in fact a rule or legally enforceable and that it was just guidelines.
Are we then to take it that when it comes to PH, their livery/unauthorised material indiscretions, are only covered by guidelines, yet with Licensed Taxis, liveries/displaying of unauthorised material is legally enforceable by revocation of vehicle licence?
We wait with baited breath for the publication of TfL notice 07:14.
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