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I have got this mad and wacky idea that we London Taxi drivers could have our own radio station. It could be used to give drivers up to date traffic information, rank information, work information and the like, it could be used for all sorts of things and maybe after a few months of operating might even be able to attract some advertising to help fund the radio station.

Now I now it sounds an impossible thing to do, but after a little research I have found that it is really quite easy, now we would not be able to have a proper radio station that broadcasts over the air but we could have an internet radio station that broadcasts over the internet. With the advance of mobile broadband this could be a real proposition.

The initial set up cost for the radio station is Free Of Charge, yes thats right we could do it for nothing, but to remain within the law we would need to buy a broadcast license from PRS which costs £226.00 per year.

The problem is that one person cannot make a radio station and I am sure that everyone would soon get fed up of my type of music and from hearing my voice, so is there any other wacky drivers at there that would be interested in joining me to explore the possibility of setting up London Taxi Radio?

The type of people that would be needed to make this work are DJs who could produce music radio shows, either niche shows or general music, presenters who could host talk radio shows, news presenters, drivers who could do voice overs for adverts etc, this need not be a big commitment but if you have ever wanted to have a go at working or DJing on radio then this may be the right chance for you.

If so please get in touch via the contact me page on this site or via Twitter @SuperCabby

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