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Five British Icons entered centre stage at the Olympics closing ceremony adorned with the Spice Girls riding atop!

The five Fairway London Taxis appeared on stage sporting the number plates “Spice” for their guest appearance at the Olympic Closing Ceremony.

The Taxi had special platforms built onto their roofs with hand rails so that the spice girls could climb up on top of them and be driven around the stadium to the cheers of the 80,000 strong audience.

Kick in the Bollocks or Fantastic Publicity

Many drivers are calling the appearance of Taxis in the closing ceremony a “Kick in the Bollocks” mainly due to the fact that the Licensed London Taxi trade were excluded from the Olympic Games and the Olympic route network. But was this a kick in the bollocks or was it fantastic publicity for our trade?

The closing ceremony was watched by 26 million people in this Country alone so it must have been viewed by millions Worldwide so surely this must be good publicity for our trade?

And these five were not the only Taxis to appear in the closing ceremony, apparently some 42 other taxis and drivers took part in the extravaganza, in fact one commentator described one section of the ceremony as the “Black Cab Ballet”.

Never look a Gift Horse in the mouth

Companies would have paid millions for the sort of Global exposure that the London Taxi achieved on the night of the closing ceremony which was viewed by millions around the World and yet many within our trade see it as a “kick in the bollocks”. Why is it that in this trade we always look for the negatives within any given issue rather than looking for the positives?

Yes we were excluded from the Olympic Route Network or “ZIl Lanes” but that is now in the past and there is nothing that we can do to change that, yes there has been a dramatic downturn in work, especially for day drivers and once again there is nothing that we can do about it, but surely if there is something positive that we can take away from these games it’s the inclusion of Taxis in the closing ceremony.

Look for the Positives & forget the Negatives

As a trade we need to stop looking at the negative side of anything that happens and try to find something positive no matter how bad things get, we are in real danger of being labelled as moaning, greedy Taxi drivers and not the caring, passionate about our city, professional Taxi drivers that we are, the best in the World as we are always being described.

You will never find a large company moaning about their competitors, of moaning about a downturn in trade, they always try to find something positive to report otherwise it breeds contempt for their brand, we do not want our brand to be tarnished with negative labelling, we should portray a positive, helpful, experienced and knowledgeable public face, a Public Image that looks inviting to potential customers and makes them interested in us and convinces them to use our services.

Olympic Legacy

Since the end of the games all we keep hearing about is the Olympic Legacy, all the London Taxi Trade can hope for is that the Olympic Legacy is that the exposure of our great City to millions of people around the World brings more visitors to London which should in turn bring more customers who would like to travel in the back of our taxis.

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