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David Mellor Rant

For those of you who haven’t heard the David Mellor Rant at the Taxi driver you can now listen to it here.

I heard a lot of drivers say that the driver was wrong to sell the recording of the conversation, and I was of the same opinion, but after listening to it I am undecided whether selling the recording was right or wrong.

Mr Mellor does threaten to shame the driver on public radio during the conversation, and maybe he would have if the driver had not got in first and sold the recording to a newspaper.

I do not think the driver had much choice but to get the recording heard, especially after the threats that Mr Mellor made towards the driver.

Had Mr Mellor reported the driver then who would TFL have believed? I doubt very much if they would have believed the drivers side of the story.

Have a listen and make your own mind up!



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