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Get Taxi Confirm they will keep drivers £100 until you leave

Get Taxi have today sent out an email announcing their new driver app, they have also confirmed that they will continue to take a £100 deposit from drivers.

If there was ever a way to deter drivers from joining Get Taxi they have found it. Get Taxi state that the original £100 deposit was to cover equipment costs but that now it is to cover “Fare Discrepancies” !

Ripping Drivers Off

So if the original deposit was to cover equipment costs then how did Get taxi cover Fare discrepancies in the past?

Many drivers feel that Get taxi are being dishonest to the trade with this new deposit and it makes one wonder whether Get taxi are financially stable as they seem to need this money to help with their cash flow!

Drivers Funding Get Taxi

It begs the questions as to why London Taxi Drivers should be required to fund someone else’s business? Would drivers not be better pulling their money from Get Taxi and investing in a mutual society to fund their own app and then compete with Get Taxi?

If Get Taxi have 3000 drivers on the system that means they are withholding £300,000 of drivers money, if this money was invested in a mutual for drivers to build their own app, a driver led and owned app may actually become a reality.

It amazes me that drivers are fully prepared to fund other peoples businesses that live off the backs of taxi drivers but are reluctant to invest in something that would benefit themselves and give them work for very little return.

No Drivers, No Get Taxi

Do Get Taxi not realise that if drivers voted with their feet on this issue then they would have no business left?
maybe it is time that drivers started to flex their muscles and showed these parasites that they are not prepared to put up with crap like this.

Get Taxis Failo Moment

Could this issue become Get Taxis Failo moment?

Here is Get Taxi’s Statement below.


We’d like to clear up the confusion that’s been spreading over the past couple of days around the £100 deposit for the tablet.

New Drivers

  • When signing the T&Cs for the Driver App we take a £100 deposit to cover any potential fare discrepancies
  • If you choose to leave GetTaxi, we review all the figures and will return the full amount if there are no discrepancies
  • Any differences will be deducted from the £100 deposit

Existing drivers switching from tablet to app

  • Drivers who are currently using the GetTaxi tablet paid up to a £100 equipment deposit
  • When switching to the new app, drivers must return the tablet and sign new T&Cs associated with the app
  • The new driver app T&Cs include a £100 deposit to cover any potential fare discrepancies. We automatically transfer your previous £100 equipment deposit to cover the new app deposit
  • If you choose to leave GetTaxi, we review all the figures and will return the full amount if there are no discrepancies
  • Any differences will be deducted from the £100 deposit

If anything’s still unclear, please give us a call on 0207 428 2210 and we’ll be happy to talk everything through with you. We hope the new app is everything you asked for and as mentioned previously, please keep sharing your feedback with us so we can continuously improve our service, both online and offline. We really do appreciate it.

Thanks for all of your hard work and hope you have a great weekend.


Driver Services

Get Taxi Throw Me Off For Voicing An Opinion

Well I know that I can be quite outspoken sometimes and that is probably the reason that I have this blog, but Get Taxis latest has left me speechless.

Get Taxi have just called me to say that they have terminated their contract with me due to the fact that I have the audacity to voice an opinion about the way in which they operate their business in my trade.

Hailo were heavily criticised for throwing drivers off their system for voicing an opinion during the heydays and it appears that Get taxi are now following the Hailo method of driver PR and services.

I will write about my experiences on Get Taxi over the weekend and a lot of information that I have on the way ins which they operate their business and the way in which jobs are allocated and given out, which is sometimes over the phone, well the decent jobs anyway!

Hailo partnership to provide free navigation and pricing system to their Minicab drivers. (Let’s face it, they need it).

London black cab app Hailo has partnered up with Citymapper, to provide a much needed free city navigation system for their minicabs.
Citymapper, is available on Android and iOS.
Hailo are now trying to compete with private car hire app Über, who are in partnership with Google Maps.
Citymapper, although only currently available for London, New York, Paris, Berlin, Washington DC, Boston, Madrid and Barcelona, is becoming a staple fixture in Apple’s travel app category.
The latest version of the app now fully integrates Hailo in the travel section, where users can store a number of addresses to their profile and then select a travel option, which includes walking, public transport, driving.
Hailo will be using the app to show customers price differential between Minicabs/Licensed Taxis and will show the availability of cars to passenger location.
Über has not had it easy. There have been huge protests from taxi drivers in most major cities against the app’s use. Traditional taxi services say the app is creating unfair competition by riding roughshod over licensing laws.
Protests even became violent, with Über cars being attacked en-route and the company’s headquarters vandalised.
Hailo’s offices have also recently been sprayed with graffiti for the same reasons, as Taxi drivers who made this app such a huge success were sold out by the very people they once put their trust in.
As the greed from investors escalates into a feeding frenzy, most financial experts believe that the inflated valuations put on these companies are synonymous with pyramid selling techniques.
Eventually the bubble will burst.
On the 18th of June 2014, Aswath Damodaran, a finance professor at NYU’s Stern School of Business, published an article on FiveThirtyEight titled:
“Uber Isn’t Worth $17 Billion.” 
His post was a shortened version of a more detailed article he had written for his own blog titled:
“A Disruptive Cab Ride to Riches: The Uber Payoff.”
Using a combination of market data, maths, and financial analysis, Professor Damodaran concluded that Uber’s value is far short of the publicised $17billion and is more likely to be less than a third of this value.

The future of the UK taxi industry: is it all about the app?

At no point in history has investment in the taxi industry been at levels even close to what it is now

US taxi app Uber recently received a $333 million investment from Google, whilst UK-based company Hailo has had a reported $77 million.

The taxi economy is worth almost £9 billion in the UK and no one company has the lion’s share of it. This clearly presents a valuable opportunity, which is why many technology companies are keen to move in and try and extract some of this revenue for themselves. But will it happen and is it even possible?

The seemingly obvious solution, and one that’s getting lots of media coverage at the moment, is the taxi app. That’s just what the guys at Hailo did, when a group of taxi drivers and investors got together to create what is arguably, London’s most popular taxi app.

Whilst Hailo is undeniably servicing a need in the marketplace, it does have its limitations. Black cabs are not the cheapest way to travel in London, especially over long distances, so their market is somewhat limited.

Alternative players in the market, like Kabbee, use London minicabs, which can be half the price of a black cab – so between the two, that’s the London market covered.

But isn’t that just the easy part? A booming international city with millions of potentials customers travelling the streets each day is all well and good, but what about the rest of the travellers across the UK? How will the apps fare as well in Rochdale or Lincoln? Move out of London and the landscape changes dramatically.

So what does an app need to make headway in the other 1500 towns in the UK? Well, it needs customers and willing drivers ready to share their income: two things that are not easy to win over when you’re not in the capital city.

Old habits die young

Long-established taxi companies are not going to share their income easily, and customers who ring 555555 every time they need a taxi are unlikely to change their habits any time soon either.

It is also important to point out that successful taxi businesses will always need to deliver good customer service. Yes, an app is quick and convenient, but right now in the UK, phone calls bookings compared to app bookings are probably in the region of 999 to 1.

>See also: Addison Lee drives efficiency with Exchange migration

As mentioned above, apps like Hailo are designed for the impulsive  ‘I need a taxi right now’ market. This doesn’t include the taxi work includes the pre-booked work, airport transfers and business customers.

Then there are other more serious business issues such as cash and VAT to consider. It’s fair to say the taxman doesn’t see all the money in any industry where cash is heavily used.

When you suddenly start to map every transaction out electronically, things start to change quickly. Take all this into account and suddenly, the goal of getting full UK coverage looks much more challenging.

Shanghai recently had a crackdown on its booming taxi app market, banning them both in rush hour and also completely from the private hire minicab fleet. When you take into account $43 million investment that had been put in the app market, the no rules appear very harsh.

But technology companies far too often have had their own way. Bulling their way into new markets, killing off the competition, extracting huge profits and then minimising their tax liabilities.

Technology companies will not win over the taxi companies easily and they will find impossible to replace them and take over by simply releasing a new app that connects passengers to customers.

A symbiotic approach will be needed where technology companies work with both taxi companies and drivers. Building a customer base will be much slower than in the capital and patience will be needed, as well as an acceptance of heavy losses while a customer base is built.

But even after all this, the app market will still be a relativity small chunk of a £9 billion market, with over 80% of that money going to the drivers. Technology companies won’t really start to see massive revenues from the taxi industry until the invention of cars that can drive themselves. Or, wait – doesn’t Google already have these?

Start-up Taxicode believes the future of the taxi industry is to work with all taxi companies with a piece of software that can connect everything together, and the app just one of many interfaces and connectors. Time will tell what makes the biggest impact on the industry.

In ten years there will likely be a combination of some exciting emerging technologies. The Google self-driving car, Google OAA car dashboard software and a universal booking system connected to all internet devices and third parties.

In reality, this could lead to only a few major players in the industry. One thing is for sure, they will be many battles and blood lost, before an overall wining technology is found.

Source: InformationAge

The Battle Commences

Taxi Trade representatives met yesterday with TfL regarding the UBER issue and their use of the drivers smartphone to calculate the fare for a journey within an UBER vehicle, as the trade reps were going into the meeting the Private Hire Trade were just coming out of theirs and were apparently fuming with TfL as they also have concerns about UBER.

During the meeting TfL made it clear that they did not see the use of the drivers GPS enabled smart phone to calculate fares as constituting the use of a Taxi Meter and have since published a press release.

TfL have drawn the line and have shown total contempt for both the Taxi trade and the private hire trades and the time has come to stop talking and start taking action against TfL.

The trade is planning multiple demonstrations against TfL and it needs everyone to take part and support whatever action is taken, every taxi driver needs to support these demos and also all associated trades including garages, insurance companies, advertising agencies basically anyone who relies on the taxi trade to earn their living needs to wake up and realise that this is serious. If the taxi trade goes into demise then those who earn their living off the backs of taxi drivers will also suffer.

It is no good saying “I don’t do demos” it is your trade, the means by which you earn your living and support your family, every taxi driver needs to wake up and realise that this threat is not going away. We need to stick together like the French Taxi drivers and make our voice heard.

Our trade bodies need to speak to each other and include all driver groups and not just the chosen few, it is no good for those sitting in their cosy little offices earning their hansom salaries to try and protect their jobs as without the trade they will no longer have a job as their membership numbers will diminish.

If you do not already belong to a trade association you should join one now, your trade needs you just as you need your trade to survive so that you can continue to earn your living.

United Cabbies Group

The RMT London Taxi Branch

The London Cab Drivers Club


Licensed Taxi Drivers Association

Kabbee App

If you decide to use Kabbee app as a passenger then this is the sort of service you should expect, look at the route that has been taken and they have the cheek to state that the fare would be cheaper than a black cab.

The route that should be taken from the pick up point to the destination is perfectly straight, the route taken by Kabbee would take twice as long as that taken by a London Taxi.

We do people think they are getting value for money when using these sub standard apps?

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