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Cabbies Mate has now been around for a number of years and has been produced in various guises over the years from a 7” touchscreen standalone unit to AZSatNav_thumbthe one available today which is a 5” unit. Cabbies Mate combines a basic Satellite Navigation system along with Geographers A-Z but the unique thing about the product is that it also contains a database of points which come in usual to the working Taxi driver on a daily basis, also when you search for a location a line is drawn on the A-Z from your current location to the destination you have entered. Now this unit does not come cheap with the current online price being £335.00 which when compared to the average Sat Nav at around £100 is actually quite expensive but Taxi drivers obviously feel that the unit and what it has to offer is worth the price as they have been a great success.

Now the good news, today I found out that Cabbies Mate is now available as a download from the App store for the iPhone and iPad, priced at £19.99 it is not cheap and is more at the upper end of the App price band but when compared to the standalone unit it offers fantastic value for money. The iPhone App offers most of the same functionality as the original unit including the points database and the ability to search for a location to which a line is drawn from your current location to your chosen destination the only part not included in the App is the Satellite Navigation part which to be honest is not really a problem given the host of top end Sat Nav Apps now available for the iPhone.

In conclusion the Cabbies Mate App is well worth a look and in my opinion well worth the £19.99.

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