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Recently Bob Oddy, General Secretary of the LTDA, publicly stated that 40% of his members were behind his call for a 20% increase of taxi fares during the Olympic Games, the first that most of the LTDA member knew of this proposal was when Bob Oddy appeared on a prime time news program trying to give justification for his proposal, this was also picked up by the evening standard who published a story about the proposal. Of course the normal cries went up of greedy cabbies trying to cash in on the Olympics.

Now the problem with Bob’s statement is that out of all of the cabbies that I have spoken to I cannot find any that actually agree with this proposal and that includes members of the LTDA, so basically Bob did not have a mandate from his membership to go on national TV and make such a ridiculous statement. Even if as Bob states that 40% of his membership were in favour of this fare increase that still leaves 60% who are either not in favour or who are undecided either way.

This whole incident just goes to prove how out of touch with the trade that Bob Oddy really is, he seems to no longer consider the views of the working Taxi driver but prefers to take make his own misguided decisions as to what he feels is in the best interests of the working taxi driver, which to be perfectly honest he has absolutely no idea as to what the working cab driver needs or would like.

Bob also seems to have a total disregard of the Taxi trade these days which is evident through some of the statements he has mad to members of the trade, you only have to search YouTube for boboddy exposed to get an idea as to the contempt that this man now has for the working taxi driver and the trade in general.

It now seems that the time has come for Bob to resign his position on the Com of the LTDA and allow new blood to take over and inject some new enthusiasm into the association, intact it is probably now time for all of the members of the Com to reconsider the positions and to maybe consider resigning and allowing scene else to take over. The LTDA can no longer purport to represent the trade while the current out of touch members of he com remain in position, of course we all know why they cling onto their current posts and that is because of the handsome salaries that they currently draw from the members monthly fees!

I cannot see why any driver would want to remain a mender of the LTDA at present? Why would anyone want to continue to keep these out of touch men in the current jobs drawing their handsome salaries is just beyond my comprehension. The only real active voice within the trade at present is the UCG and once they get their legal protection scheme in place I predict that the LTDA will loss an awful lot of members.

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