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I am sure by now that most of you must have seen or used one of the many Boris Bikes dotted around London. I am not going into whether they are a good imagesCA8QIU6Rthing or bad thing for London as I think that the Jury is still out on that!

The one thing that does concern me is the parking areas/docking stations for these bikes (or whatever you want to call them). Most of the parking areas seem to be within the confines of paved areas but they are some that are actually in the roadway. Now these bicycle parking areas are very similar to those within the paved areas except that they are protected by large black metal bollards. Now I was under the impression that any bollard that was in the roadway was supposed to be lit at night and clearly visible during the daytime.

Now if that is the case why have TfL decided to not only fail to light these bollards but also to paint them black? I don’t know if any of you have encountered any of these bollards on a dimly lit street but they can be quite a hazard especially as they just tend to blend into the black tarmac.

I would urge Boris and TfL to look at these bollards again and to give some thought to the motorists who have to negotiate their way around these bike parks and either light them up at night or paint them so that they can be clearly seen or better still both!

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