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I was following a thread on Twitter the other day where a driver who shall remain nameless admitted that he had been double flashed by a speed camera in N1 and was asking whether anyone knew whether that camera was active or not.

No driver could give a definitive answer as to whether the camera was active and whether the affected Taxi driver would be getting a PCN through the post.

This got me thinking about speed camera alert systems and my ageing Road Angel that constantly loses GPS signal so is totally useless most of the time, it also reminded me that I had been considering replacing the Road Angel with a newer, more reliable device but had yet to find anything suitable.

Reading through the thread one driver commented on how he had utilised an old phone with an app called Cyclops which had saved him from falling fail of any speed cameras on numerous occasions.

Now I had never heard of Cyclops, but I do have a couple of old iPhones that I no longer have any use for, so I looked up Cyclops on the App Store and downloaded it.

Cyclops allow you to use their app for 1 month on a trial basis and then for £2.99 per year, comparing this to standalone Speed Camera Alert Systems it is extremely cheap as they can cost upwards of £80.00.

My initial impressions of Cyclops are very good, the app seems to work very well and gives accurate warnings of speed & traffic alert camera’s and also changes in speed limits on roads.

The app is simple to use and has an attractive warning system with both visual and audible warnings which can be turned off if desired. The visual warnings are great, the background which is normally black turns yellow when approaching a speed or traffic light camera and also turns red when you exceed the speed limit in a controlled zone of 20mph.

If you are worried about the increasing number of traffic enforcement cameras that seem to be appearing on every road and traffic signal then Cyclops is well worth considering, it can run in the background on your phone or if you have and old phone that you no longer use then maybe you could utilise it as a dedicated camera alert system.

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