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Many years ago I was approached by BBC America to do an online question and answer thing via their website. After we had a lengthy discussion I decided that I would give it a try.

The theme was run along the lines of a sort of online forum where people would post questions and I would endeavour to answer them, the questions had to firstly be approved by myself, this was to stop an abuse or foul language being posted online, once I approved the question I would then go on to answer it as best I could.

This run for quite a few years and was very successful with hundreds of questions being posted by the people of America and me trying to answer them, at its height it did become a bit too much for just one person but I used to wade my way through the questions as and when I could and if I did not know the answer to a particular question I would try to find the information and then go back and answer their query.

The Ask a Cabby forum eventually came to an abrupt end and the funny thing is that it was Eastenders that brought about its demise, at the time BBC America were showing Eastenders but then decided to cut the show from their schedule, once they did the Ask a Cabby forum became full of people complaining at the removal of Eastenders so it was decided to end the forum for good.

The thing is I was wondering if Ask a Cabby would be a useful thing to promote our trade within London, obviously it would need more drivers to get involved to answer the customers questions, just wondering what you drivers out there think about the idea and whether you would like to get involved?

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