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A friend recently suggested that I try the Mobile Me service from Apple, so off I went and duly installed the software on my main laptop and also on my iPhone. The idea is that this clever little piece of software automatically updates any calendar entries or contacts that you enter either into your phone or on your PC, great, this is going to save a lot of time syncing my phone with the laptop and will make sure that all of my information is always up to date.

Everything seemed to work as it should and so I went ahead and also installed Mobile Me on my wife’s laptop and also her iPhone, this little utility was going to save us so much time and hassle even though we would need to pay £60.00 per year for the service we felt it would be worth every penny spent. Now when my wife takes a wedding booking it automatically appears on my PC and also my iPhone, the only difference with her devices is that I did not set them to synchronise her contacts as she obviously did not want my contacts on her devices and I did not want hers.

Life was now good and a lot less hassle, no double booking of things and no confusion over dates anymore, great we both knew exactly where we supposed to be and when. Everything was fine until the Outlook.pst file on my laptop became corrupted! Well not too much of a hassle I thought, I would lose a few days emails but nothing too drastic

I went about setting up a new outlook.pst file and pointed outlook at this new file, I realised that I would lose all of my contacts from outlook but that would not be too much of a problem because as soon as I synced my iPhone they would all be restored, or that is what I though, I had not reckoned on Mobile Me getting there first and this is when my troubles started! Mobile Me has a facility on it to warn you when more than 25% of the related data will be changed on your PC but it has no such facility on the iPhone so what happened was as soon as Outlook found my new file it uploaded the new contact info (which basically consisted of no contacts) to Mobile Me, which then in turn Mobile Me synced with my iPhone and updated the contacts, so basically it erased all of my contact information, wonderful.

I am extremely lucky in the fact that I also have a Blackberry which also has all of my contacts stored, this device does not sync with Mobile Me so the information on there was safe. Now I had to go through the process of syncing the Blackberry with my Laptop to restore all of my contacts and then sync my iPhone with my laptop to restore all of the contacts once again. This could all have been avoided if the Mobile Me software had a warning on the iPhone that an enormous amount of data was about to be erased through Mobile Me, I would then have been able to select an option to tell the iPhone not to allow Mobile Me to erase my contacts, ah well lesson learned and let this also be a warning to other Mobile Me users.

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