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On Tuesday afternoon while out in the Taxi I managed to get myself drawn into a conversation on Twitter between a cab driver and someone operating the @GetTaxiDrivers account, the driver was asking questions of Get Taxi and wasn’t really getting the any answers but instead was getting responses from @GetTaxiDrivers that were of no relevance to the questions asked!

I ended up getting embroiled in the conversation, I know, I should have left well alone, but sometimes I just cant help myself especially when I see a Taxi Driver asking genuine questions and being given a lot of old flannel in reply.

I know it appears that I am always bashing Get Taxi and recently I have refrained from mentioning them either here on my blog or on Twitter but something happened today that prompted me to write this blog post but we will come to that later in this post.

I have been on Get Taxi since before its official launch 3 years ago and have seen numerous people come and go at Get Taxi all of whom promise various updates and improvements to the system but we have seen very little in the way of useful updates to the system other than a different Get Taxi driver box and a better looking user interface but we are still waiting for the basic necessities such as a credit card facility within the app.

I have continually accused Get Taxi of having very little knowledge or understanding of the Licensed London Taxi Trade for various reasons. they seem to employ staff that have no knowledge of our trade and who do not seem interested in learning about our trade or the drivers within it and while on Facebook tonight I found something on the Get Taxi Facebook Page that backs up thats statement 100%. (Please see screen capture below)

I think the picture speaks for itself, obviously Get Taxi are not one of the authorised suppliers of the Taxi Card scheme but whoever replied to the lady has no knowledge of the Taxi Card scheme. I would not be surprised if the customer care team emailed the staff to advise them to treat this Taxi Card customer with care which would make this incident even more laughable!

The other thing that amazes me is that surely Get Taxi have by now realised that they cannot service Taxi Card users and yet have failed to remove or delete the conversation even though over 5 days have passed since the original question was asked by the customer! Or maybe they are still under the false impression that they are able to accept Taxi Cards?

Maybe someone at Get Taxi would like to comment on this issue?

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