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SuperCabby Podcast Episode 20 – Christmas Special

In this episode I interview a minicab driver!
It was quite weird how this episode came into being as it wasn’t planned or wasn’t one that I intended to do.

Have a listen and let me know what you think?

I would like to thank everyone for listening to the podcasts through 2014.

Have a very Merry Christmas & a Happy and Prosperous New Year.

London Assembly Taxi & Private Hire Investigation Responses

During the investigation carried out by the London Assembly, Caroline Pidgeon asked for submissions from interested parties and organisations for the committee to consider during the investigation.

To read all of the responses please click on the link below to download the PDF file

All responses_0London Assembly Taxi & Private Hire Investigation Responses

The Taxi Trade sent in various submissions which include very comprehensive and well written submissions from:

The London Cab Drivers Club (LCDC)

RMT London Taxi Drivers Branch

United Cabbies Group (UCG)

Also a couple of submissions were sent in from individual members of the above organisations.

So where are the others?

The thing that has surprised me is that I could find no written submission from either the Licensed Taxi Drivers Association (LTDA) or Unite!

I do know that Steve McNamara, The General Secretary of the LTDA gave a verbal submission to the committee but you would think that the trades largest drivers representative organisation would have backed up Steve’s presentation with a carefully written submission.

Of course the London Private Hire Car Association (LPHCA) made a submission.

Even the London Pedicab Owners Association submitted a report to the committee.

So why no submission from either the LTDA or Unite?

David Mellor Rant

For those of you who haven’t heard the David Mellor Rant at the Taxi driver you can now listen to it here.

I heard a lot of drivers say that the driver was wrong to sell the recording of the conversation, and I was of the same opinion, but after listening to it I am undecided whether selling the recording was right or wrong.

Mr Mellor does threaten to shame the driver on public radio during the conversation, and maybe he would have if the driver had not got in first and sold the recording to a newspaper.

I do not think the driver had much choice but to get the recording heard, especially after the threats that Mr Mellor made towards the driver.

Had Mr Mellor reported the driver then who would TFL have believed? I doubt very much if they would have believed the drivers side of the story.

Have a listen and make your own mind up!



Roshan Varma Interview – SuperCabby Podcast Episode 19

SuperCabby Podcast Album ArtSuperCabby Podcast Album Art

Roshan Varma – The Butterboy

In this episode of the SuperCabby Podcast I interview Roshan Varma.

I thought it would be interesting to hear a newly qualified London Taxi Driver’s view of doing the Knowledge of London and the way in which he views the trade of which he is now part.

Some of us did the knowledge quite a few years ago and I think that we have forgotten why we decided to become a London Taxi driver and what it is like to be a butter boy.

Roshan’s enthusiasm for the job is quite inspiring and he clearly he did the right thing in undertaking the knowledge.

Roshan also states that he thinks our trade definitely has a future, but we all need to pull together and have the desire to carve a future for our trade.

So where does the term ButterBoy come from, well I looked it up in the Urban Dictionary where it states the following

An affectionate term used to describe a man who likes other men in a way that he shouldn’t. Originates from the use of butter as an alternative form of lubrication. Also commonly refered to as arse pirate, up hill gardener or raving homosexual.
I aint going in that pub there’s no fanny, its full of f**king butter boys.
So when you refer to a driver as a butter boy and the passenger in the back looks at you in a strange way you now know why!
Within the London Taxi Trade the term Butter Boy or But A Boy is one which is used to describe a a London Taxi Driver who has recently acquired his “badge & bill”. It is generally considered that a driver remains a Butter Boy until he renews his license 3 years after first gaining it.
Roshan is a genuinely nice guy who is passionate about the London Taxi Trade and enjoys being a part of what he considers an honest and noble trade.

Future Episodes

I already have a number of future episodes of the podcast recorded and ready to be published, but I am always on the look out for anyone within the trade who has and interesting past or who has done or does something unusual within the trade, or anyone who has a strong opinion about our trade.

So if you can think of anyone who you would like to hear interviewed on the podcast, please get in touch and I will try to arrange it and slot the interview into the schedule.

Episodes that I am currently recording will be published in February/March

Thanks for listening to the podcast and if you have any suggestions on ways in which you think it could be improved then please get in touch, I am always open to criticism whether it may be positive or negative as we can all learn something new.

John Mason Interview Part 2 – SuperCabby Podcast Episode 18

John Mason Interview Part 2

In this episode I interview John Mason former director of London Taxi & Private John MasonHire (LTPH) or The Public Carriage Office as it was previously known.

Before meeting John we had an exchange of messages in which Joh  explained that there might be some things that he was unable to discuss openly due to being constrained by a legal agreement with TFL, but he also added that he would “push the boundaries” where he could.

I must say that John was very open during the interview and elaborated on most subjects without being prompted.

This interview gives the Taxi Driver an insight into the workings of TFL and LTPH and also confirms that Joh was there to do a job, which he believes he did very well, some may disagree with this but John also points out that he was restricted by those in positions above as to what he could and couldn’t do.

As this interview was over an hour in length and due to comments from some listeners I have decided publish the interview in two halves, so the second half will be in episode 18 of the podcast.

As always I am keen for your feedback on this interview and would like to hear your comments

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