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SuperCabby Podcast Episode 12 – My Resignation as Chairman of the Taxicab Society

SuperCabby Podcast Episode 12.

In this episode I talk about my reasons for standing down as Chairman of the Taxicab Society.

The Taxicab Society is the name of the cooperative that is being set up by a group of drivers to produce an app for the London Taxi Trade called Taxicab App.

I explain the pressures that the members of the group are under by being a part of the committee of this group and the stress it causes, the financial loses incurred by the members of this group and the strain that it puts on your family and work life.

I also talk about the suggestion of a conflict of interest with my membership of the committee and this podcast as I intend to interview Nat Rothchild and Gabi from Maaxi Taxi App.

When being the Chairman of a group such as this one starts to affect your health, your family life and your work life and ultimately your finances something has to give. I made a promise to myself a few years ago that I would never get so involved with a project or charity again to the extent that it began to take over my life, so I had some hard decisions to make.

I am still fully behind this group and they have my full support and backing, and I would still like to see this project come to fruition, as I have always, and still believe that a trade owned and led Taxi App is the best solution for the London Taxi Trade.

I hope that the drivers within the London Taxi trade continue to give the group, now known as the Taxicab Society, their full support as they have done over the last few months.

My departure as Chairman by no means that this project is finished, it is still going ahead and the members of the committee as still working hard to bring an app to the trade.

Kalanick has memory loss!!!!!

Consumers should have an alternative to traditional taxi services – says Uber CEO Travis Kalanick

Travis Kalanick Uber CEO

The head of Uber, a company clashing with taxi services all over the world, has denied that his firm is aggressively under-cutting cabbies.

Travis Kalanick’s, CEO of Uber, an app service which accepts taxi bookings via smartphone instead of relying upon traditional phone bookings, has come under scrutiny in many of the 200 cities it operates in.

Uber, formed in 2009, has been accused of threatening the livelihood of taxi drivers to the extent that cabbies all over the world have been fighting against the app.

Meanwhile critics have also commented on the dangers of using unaccredited drivers.

Kalanick told the BBC: “There’s probably some misunderstanding of who I am and how I roll, I’ve never been derogatory towards taxi drivers.”

The Uber head admited that taxi drivers will have superior local knowledge to Uber drivers, who often have to rely on a sat-nav, later he adding that cabbies charge more for that knowledge.

SuperCabby Comments

It seems that Travis Kalanick has some sort of amnesia as his memory appears to be playing tricks on him, I seem to remember that not too long ago he referred to us as “The Arsehole Called Taxi”.

Its funny how he has selectively forgotten that interview that he gave.

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