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Insurance claims and Seat Belts

About 3 years ago a friend of mine was involved in a accident whilst out working the Taxi, the circumstances were that one of TfL’s finest private hire drivers decided to turn right into a one street the wrong way and hit my friend’s Taxi head on. My friend sustain some injuries as a consequence of the accident for which a claim has been going on ever since.

The result of this is that the third parties insurance company have made him an offer which is 10% lower because he was not wearing his seat belt! Now as he was working he is not required by law to wear a seat belt but the insurance company are refusing to acknowledge this fact but instead state that he as a driver should be aware of the dangers of not wearing a seatbelt and are standing by their offer which is 10% lower than they would have offered if he had been wearing his seatbelt.

It beggars belief that even though the 3rd Party insurance companies client was directly responsible for the accident through driving without due care and his dangerous driving by turning the wrong way into a one way street they still want to shrug their responsibility of paying my friend the full amount of what he should be due for the injuries he sustained.

So please be aware of this fact when submitting claims to third party insurers.

Get Taxi 1 Month On

Well it’s been just over a month since my last post about Get Taxi and it appears that they still seem to be muddling along from one total cock-up to the next.

They profess to listen to what Taxi Drivers say to them but so far have failed to deliver on most of their promises to the trade.

It is beyond belief that nearly 3 years on and Get Taxi still have no credit or debit card payment gateway for drivers to use which in my opinion should have been a priority right from day one.

If i were an investor in Get Taxi I would be asking some serious questions like why is it that a Taxi Driver can get a card payment gateway up and running on a shoestring and yet even with the quoted £17 million investment Get Taxi have still failed to get one developed.

Where Taxi Apps are concerned the payment gateway is obviously a priority and is essential to the smooth running of the app, the one in which Get Taxi are processing card payments is both time consuming and staff intensive and a process of which most taxi drivers would not even consider using as you have to telephone the control room to get the payment approved which takes to long when you have the customer waiting in the back of the cab. It must be really embarrassing for Get Taxi when one of their app customers wants to pay by card and the driver processes the card payment through another supplier!

As I have stated before Get Taxi’s business model will not work and I am being proved to be right, I speak to many drivers who state that if Get Taxi had an app that they could download onto their own smart phone then they would consider signing up for the service but they really do not want to have another piece of equipment in their cab, obviously there are drivers who do not have a smart phone and prefer the driver box approach but the take up of smart phones by taxi drivers is rising an a phenomenal rate so an iPhone and Android app system makes sense especially as the new driver box is essentially an Android Tablet.

The new driver box also presents its own problems! If Get Taxi do decide to go down the app route they will very quickly find that their software is developed around the wrong way which shows their lack of research before designing the new software for the Android device, most apps that drivers use are in the portrait format whereas Get Taxi’s software is in the landscape format which would present real problems in convincing drivers to download their app unless they turn the software around to comply with the portrait format.

Also there is no way of scrubbing a job within the Get Taxi software other than calling the office and getting the dispatcher to scrub the job for you, there is also no automatic scrub payment for drivers but instead the driver has to log into his account and request a scrub, this can;t even be done via the Get Taxi terminal but instead they expect the driver to log in via their own smart phone to the site and request a scrub which is quite ironic as their excuse for having the driver box is that they state some drivers do not have smart phones and prefer to have the Get Taxi driver box!

Whilst working over the weekend I was not offered a job by Get Taxi that was attainable, by that I mean that all of the jobs that I was offered were over 2000 metres away from my current position! At one point on Saturday night I was getting offered 1 job after the other but they ranged from being 2000 metres away to 4000 metres away with most being in the higher end of the range which makes the jobs not worth running for. I became so cumbersome to keep rejecting these ridiculous job offers that I ended up just switching the terminal to busy for the rest of the night which is counter productive from Get Taxis point of view.

The other thing that amuses me is the number of drivers who when asked if they on Get Taxi confirm that they are but also add that the terminal is either at home or in the boot of the cab! Also the number of drivers who are buying iPad minis and say that the Get Taxi brackets are ideal for mounting their iPads, so I am sure Get Taxi must be really proud in the knowledge that at least their terminals (well the brackets) are of some use to Taxi Drivers!

If Get Taxi do  not get their act together soon I feel that they will become the next casualty in the Taxi App market, one wonders how they have been able to carry on so long with such a basic offering which is no further advanced than the original London Taxi App that Mick Coulter released and was obviously the first casualty of the app race. The trade need Get Taxi or a viable alternative to be competition for Hailo otherwise the trade will be at the mercy of just one app provider, the ideal competition for Hailo would have been a driver led and run app but as we know from history drivers from within this trade are unable to organise themselves and unwilling to invest in the future of their own trade and yet are happy to give 10% of their earnings over to apps supplied by outside interests but that is a whole other argument and one that I think has already been lost!

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