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Taxi Apps, do the drivers want their own or not?

Recently we have twice had the chance to form some sort of society and acquire, maintain, and develop our own taxi hailing app for the good of our trade.

The guys at TLC formed an alliance with LDNTaxi App for them to run and administer the app, unfortunately this association did not last for long when TLC decided to stop administering the app.

I was then approached by Mick and asked if I would like to take the app on?

My idea was to form a proper mutual society and run the app for those drivers who got involved and invested in the app for their own future.

The result was that when we announced that we were going to take on the app and relaunch it we were subjected to a barrage of claims, mainly aimed at one person who was involved at the time, so we felt it better to let things calm down for a while before going any further.

The question that I want to ask is do the drivers want a Taxi app run by drivers s, for the drivers and to benefit only Taxi drivers bearing in mind that this would require and individual investment from every driver of between £100 & £200 pound, or are we all happy to allow the venture capitalists who we are currently allowing to take over the work within our trade to continue with our support?

I would really appreciate your comments?

Bickering, Moaning, Character Assassination & Living in the Past

Twitter can provide an invaluable tool for communicating whilst out working in the taxi but last night I became totally fed up with the constant moaning, bickering, back stabbing, character assassinations and general moaning and living in the past.

It seems that whenever taxi drivers communicate they can do nothing other than slag each other off, moan and basically become the merchants of doom and gloom.

Its for this reason that our trade will never move on from where we are at present, no amount of dragging up the past, trawling through it, discussing or arguing over the rights or wrongs is going to change things, its in the past, it’s been done, it’s gone, it cannot be changed.

Yes there is good reason to discuss past events and that is to change things so that history does not repeat itself, but bickering about the past does no more than to cause more apathy and discontent within our trade.

We need to all start to pull together, forget the past, its gone, we need to work towards the future, to shape our trade so that we can make our working lives better, our job easier and for the authorities to take us seriously.

Within our trade we have 5 driver associations, representative groups, unions, by the mere fact that there are 5 does not make it a union, we are not united, we are disjointed to the point were the authorities will not take us seriously as we do not speak with one voice.

The UTG will not allow the RMT of UCG around the table with them, why not? Unite are part of the UTG and seem to back this stance means that by their own actions they do not believe int he name of their own Union as they are trying to prevent out trade from Uniting!

It was said last night on Twitter that the LCDC will not talk to either the UCG or RMT because they have said things about the club that the club do not like, now come on guys, stick and stones may break my bones and all that, I thought we were all supposed to be adults. Put it behind you, grow up and speak to each other, and speak to each other like adults, not children in a school playground.

The longer that the status quo exists within our trade organisations the more damage we are doing to our own trade. Individual drivers do not help by arguing on Twitter or internet forums, I agree that issues need to be discussed but it does not need to turn into a pub brawl and start slagging each other off.

Lets put the past behind us, become constructive and positive rather than what we are seeing at the moment which is destructive and negative, lets get organised, become more professional in our approach to the authorities and start to shape our trade and our future into what it should be viewed as and should continue to be and thats The Best Taxi Service and Drivers in the World


Recently we changed our broadband provider from BT to Sky, we did this because SKY offered us very good package at a great price. They also offered us unlimited broadband which basically means that its unmetered so you can download whatever and however much you want, they also stated that we would achieve download speeds of around 4GB.

At first all seemed OK but as the months have gone the SKY broadband performance has been severely lacking, the download speeds that we are experiencing have been lower than when BT originally installed our broadband which back then was limited to 512kb.

The broadband has now become very slow and cumbersome to the point that we will definitely be looking for a new broadband supplier very soon.

If anyone is considering changing over to SKY broadband I would urge them to think twice, the service and speed levels are deplorable to the point that you might as well be using a 56kb dial up modem.

Magical Taxi Tour

This years Magical Taxi Tour for Seriously Ill Children will take leave from canary Wharf on Friday 12th October 2012. This will be the 19th year that this trip has taken place and to keep people informed there is now a Facebook page and a Twitter account the will be regularly updated.

Tweets will be posted this year throughout the build up to and through the weekend of the trip so please follow us @MagicalTaxiTour and please like the Facebook page

Go-Hygiene Sick Bags

I was recently contacted by a company offering sick bags, now I know that vomit is nothing something that anyone likes to think about but if you work nights it is something that you will inevitably encounter at some point during your work as a taxi driver.

I was sent some free samples of these bags and they seem to be very strong and look as thought they will do the job. They are priced at £1.25 each and I know some will say why should I buy these for people who cannot hold their alcohol but personally I would rather pay £1.25 and save the rear interior of my cab rather than waste time and money getting the cab cleaned because someone has puked all over the floor or seats.

Go Hygiene also sell urine bags which could be useful when caught short whilst out in the cab although personally I am not sure that I would feel comfortable using one of those.

These bags are available from JV Brights at Southbank Service Station Great Suffolk Street or you can order them online from the Go-Hygiene website

Below is the details of these bags from the Go Hygiene website:

The absorbent sick bag is ideal for emergency use and helps make a very unpleasant situation more tolerable.

The hygienic bag has a GelMax super absorbent pad inside, and when it is used the contents solidify in a matter of seconds. The top strings are then pulled and tied and the entire bag is then disposed of when it is convenient to do so.

Use of the bag blocks odours, spills and splashes and when sealed is extremely hygienic.

It is both suitable for adults and children.

Suitable for:

– Travel sickness
– Morning sickness
– Sickness following chemotherapy
– Tummy bugs etc

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