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Boris Bikes & the Friday Night Drunks

I never cease to be amazed by the amount of drunks who decide to hop on a Boris Bike and take to the busy streets of London! They can regularly be seen wandering along, two steps forward and then one step backwards, swaying all over the place, their eyes bloodshot from the amount of alcohol they have consumed and then they come across a Boris Bike docking station. Now they are obviously not fit to drive, for god sake they can just about walk along the street in a straight line and yet they seem to have the misconception that they are perfectly fit to jump on a Boris Bike and cycle on the public highway swerving and swaying all over the road!

It seems that TfL are quite happy to allow these drunks to ride around London in the middle of the night in their inebriated state causing havoc on the cities streets, causing vehicles to swerve to avoid a collision with them as obviously when a vehicle hits a cyclist it is always the cyclist that comes off worst!

Now surely TfL must have some sort of responsibility as they are the hirer of the cycles to those who hire them, they must have a legal obligation to ensure that the people hiring these cycles are in a fit state to ride them on the streets of London? Or is it that along with other issues that TfL are not really bothered? not bothered if a drunk rides around London on one of these bikes and gets hit by a car and injured or worse!

Blacked Out Windows

Recently LTPH have allowed rear window advertising either in a half window format and now it seems with full rear window advertising with some liveries, these full rear window adverts make it hard but not impossible for you to see onto the rear of the vehicle unlike a lot of private hire vehicles that now have heavily blacked out windows which make it impossible to see into the rear of the vehicle.

With the advent of the green and yellow identifiers LTPH have issued instructions as how and where the said identifiers are to be affixed on the Taxi. The identifiers are to be fixed to the top right hand corner of the front windscreen and the top left hand corner of the rear windscreen, now this obviously poses a problem for those Taxis that have full rear windscreen advertising as the identifier would not be able to be seen from the outside of the vehicle, with this in mind LTPH have said that a square should be cut out of the advertising so that the identifier can then be seen from the rear of the Taxi.

This is obviously in stark contrast to what Private Hire are allowed to get away with as those with heavily blacked out windows still have their LTPH license affixed inside of the rear windscreen and they are not required to cut a hole in the window tinting film to allow the license to be seen from the outside, in fact it is virtually impossible to distinguish the license is even there unless you are standing directly behind the vehicle, the blacked out windows make it impossible to actually read the details of the license.

Now this poses the question? How can LTPH require Licensed London Taxis to cut a square in the rear window advertising to allow he identifier to be seen but by the same token they do not require Private Hire to cut a circle in the window tinting film on their rear windscreens to allow their license to be seen from the rear?

Heavily blacked out windows in the rear of Private Hire vehicles also pose another problem and that is one of public safety as most have windows that are so heavily tinted that it is impossible to see whether there is anyone in the back of he vehicle or not. With the increase in rapes and sexual assaults these heavily blacked out windows go the assailant the privacy to carry out their disgusting acts. There is a whole website dedicated to campaigning to ban Blacked out windows in Private Hire vehicles which is well worth a look and read

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