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Using the Race card!

I was watching one of those Police reality type programs last night which followed the Bedfordshire Traffic Police. One part of the program involved to WPC’s who decided to stop a green Vauxhall Astra because it had tinted windows. Once the car stopped the officer asked the young man who was driving to join them in the Police car, the officers then asked the man if he was the owner of the vehicle to which he replied “no” and stated that the car belonged to his mother who was sitting in the passenger seat, when questioned it also became apparent that the young man only possessed a provisional driving licence, the officers pointed out to him that as that was the case the car should be displaying L plates and that incurs a fine and 3 penalty points on his licence, the man protested stating that he didn’t know that you were supposed to display L plates, the man stated that as the car belonged to his mother that the police should be giving her the points and not him as she was the full licence holder and it was her responsibility!

One of the officers checked the tinted front side windows and found that they were only letting 9% of natural light through when the law states that they must allow 70% of natural light to pass through them, they then returned to questioning the young man and once his identity was ascertained they found that he already had nine penalty points on his provisional driving licence!

further inquiries also found out that he was in fact the owner of the vehicle and not his mother has he had originally protested, now i must point out that this man appeared to be of mixed race and I only make this point because the man’s next statement was that the Police had only pulled him over because he was Black and that they were only doing this to him because he was Black! Now as the vehicles windows were letting through less than 9% of natural light it was impossible for the two officers to see who was driving the car let alone what colour the driver was hence playing the race card did not wash with the two officers at all! It just amazes me how some people try to play the race card when they are in trouble even though it would seem that this particular young man was obviously a persistent offender of motoring offences.

Olympic Sized Travel Chaos For East London

News from John Biggs: Olympic Sized Travel Chaos For East London

Local London Assembly member, John Biggs, today expressed concern over the proposed Olympic Route Network in East London. Following his response to the consultation on the ORN, John Biggs today received a response from TfL.

Local London Assembly member, John Biggs had written to TfL to express concerns over

  • The removal of a number of pedestrian crossings
  • The banning of a number of turns into/out of the ORN
  • The hours of operation of the ORN being too long

Local London Assembly member, John Biggs said: “After reading the response of TfL to my concerns I am afraid that they have not paid any attention to my concerns, and the concerns of my constituents.

"Tell us about it John, Now you know how we feel after banging on about touting and minicab rape for many years!"

The Highway is a dangerous road and removing pedestrian crossings is a high risk strategy. And the removal of a number of turns on and off the Highway will cause big problems for residents of Wapping in particular, with the Butcher Row junction restricted, for many other East Enders and businesses too.

I shall contact TfL again to arrange a meeting on The Highway to show them the problems their ORN will create.

I do not think that preventing local residents from using their own streets so Olympic bigwigs can travel from their posh Mayfair hotel to the Olympic Stadium is a good use of our time. Why can’t the bigwigs stay in East London or use the tube?”

"Hear hear John, its about time some of the assembly members stood up to be counted"

"Plus if Taxi drivers revolt against being excluded, Eusain Bolt might find it quicker to run to the stadium"

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