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Sponsor Me Please


This website and blog is the result of a crazy idea that I had yesterday!

I raised the question on Twitter would anyone sponsor me if I drove my London Taxi for two nights dressed as Santa Claus!

Well the response was a  lot higher than I expected and I raised £150 in a few minutes via Twitter, it was suggested that I should set up a Just Giving Page which has now been done.

So here is the deal!

I will drive my White London Taxi on 22nd & 23rd December 2010 dressed as Santa to raise money for The Magical Taxi Tour to Disneyland Paris for Seriously Ill Children. the evidence will be in the form of photographs posted on this site and also and also with Geo Tagged Pics uploaded via Twitter as the night progresses.

You can donate money via Just Giving at

If you would like to follow what happens on the two nights then you can via Twitter by following @SuperCabby

Some come on guys, its a really worthwhile claus……..Ha Ha or Ho Ho

Give me your money so that we can take some more kids on a weekend of a lifetime.


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