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In this episode I interview Steve McNamara who is currently the General Secretary of the Licensed Taxi Drivers Association (LTDA). Steve took over the position of General Secretary from his predecessor Bob Oddy.

Steve has been involved with the LTDA since shortly after obtaining his London Taxi Drivers license and it was joining Computer Cab which was the ultimate decider between joining the LTDA and the then TGWU Taxi Section.

Steve explains how they have been trying to change the image of the LTDA over the last few years since the sell off of Com Cab to Comfort Delgro as he explains that for some years the management of ComCab were influential over the direction of LTDA.

Steve is very knowledgeable about the London Taxi Trade and the issues and problems that it faces, he is also very passionate about the trade and strongly believes that the trade has a bright future if the drivers embrace technology and move with the times.

The LTDA have come under some criticism due to the fact that Bob Oddy who is still a member of the Com of the LTDA is also a TFL board member. During the interview I ask Steve about Bob and his position within the LTDA and TFL.

The interview lasts about 80 minutes which is quite long for a podcast but Steve goes into some depth on most issues and the interview is well worth listening to in its entirety.

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