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The word on the rumour mill is that there is a real danger of a 10 year ago limit being announced for London Taxis next week.

I have heard this rumour from various sources this week and also read it on a couple of sites.

7000 Taxis could be affected by a 10 years age limit!

It is not yet known whether this suggested 10 year rule will be for all taxis or just new taxis, either way it will have a devastating affect on our trade.

If the 10 years age limit is to be aimed at all taxis then it would render 1/3 of the total London Taxi Fleet useless as at some point in the near future these vehicles would have to be taken off the road.

We have already seen the effects of the 15 year age limit which was compounded by LTC going into administration and the shortage of taxis available to buy or rent which is still being felt by the trade to this day, so a 10 year age limit would be devastating.

It would mean that there are fewer taxis to rent, and those that are available would attract a premium rental fee!

There would be less taxis available in the second hand market and we would see those that are available selling for and even higher price than they are already fetching.

The 15 year age limit has seen taxis selling for the same money today as they were fetching over 4 years ago!

If LTPH and TFL instigate a 10 year rule next week, where do they think the shortfall of available taxis is going to be met from?

Unlike Private Hire, we as Taxi drivers are restricted by the Metropolitan Conditions of Fitness as to what vehicles we are allowed to drive and present for licensing, we cannot choose from the vast amount of cars available to private hire as they do not meet the requirements.

The effect this proposed age limit would have on some of the smaller fleets really is not worth thinking about, many garages and small fleets run lots of TX2′ as rental taxis, these vehicles could become worthless overnight sending garages and small fleet owners to the wall.

When the 15 year age limit was introduced the effect was considerable, many taxis that were still serviceable were forced into early retirement, but after 15 years on the road many fleets would have been changing these older taxis anyway. also a lot of taxis around 15 years old would have been deemed uneconomical to kep on the road and would have been scrapped to provide parts for others. This meant the total number of taxis affected was much lower than it could have been.

But a 10 year age limit would see thousands of taxis that are still serviceable and in good condition forced off the road, where will these taxis go? Does TFL really thunk that these taxis will just disappear off the face of the earth never to be seen again?

The reality is that these taxis which are still quite serviceable will probably end up in private ownership, still being used in London as cheap people carriers and still adding to the pollution in London

Stop Press

Figures confirm that unto 8270 Taxis could be taken off the road by imposing a 10 year age limit!

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